UK’s Public Sculptures to go online by 2020

The Charity Art UK is undertaking a massive project of putting all of the UK’s public sculptures online.

The Forest of Dean has an very impressive Sculpture Trail in Beechenhurst.  The sculptures represent aspects of the Forest, and are displayed on a magnificent route that covers about 5 miles.

Coal Measure Giants
Coal Measure Giants, a new sculpture

There are also sculptures that are discreetly located. For example, the heartbreaking sculpture of Thomas and Amos James, young brothers who died in September 1902, in Union Pit Colliery when it was flooded. This can be reached on foot by the old Bixslade Tramroad, close to Cannop Ponds.

Statue of the James brothers.

There are some robust statues of coal miners, for example in Cinderford town centre, or at Pan Tod — top of Ruardean Hill.

Ruardean Hill
Miners’ Memorial Statue, Pan Tod

Certainly, the Forest of Dean will make a valuable contribution to the collection of public statues!