Forest of Dean & Wye Valley Tour guides come to the rescue again

When a tour guide received a phone call from Richmond’s Coaches in Hertfordshire asking him to do a coach tour the very next day, he happily obliged. If he had been unavailable, he would have found a colleague to help out.

The tour started from Bell’s Hotel in Coleford. One of the tourists had been evacuated to Bell’s School during WWII when she was a young child. Her reminiscences were very poignant, and welcomed by the group.

The group visited both the Dean Heritage Centre in Soudley and Taurus crafts near Lydney. Along the way the guide pointed out the industrial heritage of the Forest of Dean. He also named some of the notable VIP’s such as Jimmy Young, Dennis Potter and Harry Potter.

Forest of Dean tour guides come to the rescue!

When the members of the Rockfield WI in Monmouthshire found out that the speaker for their November meeting had double-booked, they knew exactly where to turn for help.

The contacted the Forest of Dean & Wye Valley Tour Guides to step in and fill the sudden gap. The guides have experienced, qualified speakers who have traveled as far as Oxfordshire to enlighten and entertain organisations. With an extensive list available, the guides were able to find something to satisfy the local WI group.

The guide who saved the day spoke on “A Tale of Two Rivers”, covering the two rivers surrounding the Forest of Dean — the Severn and the Wye. However, given the group’s proximity to the River Wye, the guide focused mainly on the Severn, and contoured the talk to meet the needs of the local group.

If your group finds yourself in a similar predicament, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Tetbury Ladies learn about the first British “staycation”

Members of the Tetbury Ladies Luncheon Club enjoyed a sumptuous lunch at the Calcot Manor, topped by a talk — “Down the Wye Without a Paddle” — delivered by a Forest of Dean & Wye Valley Tour Guide.

The talk focuses on the development of British tourism in the 18th century, which started with River Wye tours, from Ross on Wye to Chepstow. The tours became very popular after the publication of the first printed tour book, “Observations on the River Wye, etc.” by the Reverend William Gilpin. Gilpin was an amateur artist who defined the “picturesque movement” with precision. He wrote extensively about Ross on the Wye, Wilton Castle, Ruardean Church, Lydbrook, Coldwell, New Weir (which we know as Symonds Yat),  Monmouth and Tintern. Some of his experiences and observations were considered eccentric then, as they are today.

However, even after dining on salmon en croute and creme brulee, the members were alert enough to enjoy the talk!

River Wye from Symonds Yat
Symonds Yat

Beavers finally arrive in Forest of Dean

Forest of Dean residents have been impatiently waiting for the arrival of two beavers that were being reintroduced into the Forest of Dean.

Beavers have been extinct for centuries. They have been reintroduced so that their engineering skills would be put to good use to build dams to protect the village of Lydbrook from flooding. Beavers certainly rival the Brunels when it comes to engineering.

Secretary of State Michael Gove and local MP Mark Harper were present to greet the beavers who were herded into a gated enclosure around Greathough Brook. A beaver lodge had been built for the new arrivals.

There will be a walk around the enclosure during the Heritage Weekend on September 15 at 2pm. By then, the pair will probably have built their own, new lodge!

Eurasian beaver in Forest
Beavers reintroduced in Forest of Dean (photo: Alamy)

Visitors from Devon enjoy the Forest of Dean courtesy of Blakes

Blakes tours
Visitors from Devon, July 2018

On a hot day in July, visitors from beautiful Devon enjoyed a coach tour to the equally beautiful Forest of Dean. The Blake’s driver Kelvin assured everyone that, with his experience driving through Dartmoor and Exmoor, he could manoeuver a six-wheeler coach through the windy, twisty roads in the Forest.

Most of the group had not visited the area before. They were impressed with the stunning views at Symonds Yat, and the facilities at Beechenhurst. The visit was capped with a tour to the heritage railway, Dean Forest Railway, that runs from Parkend to Lydney and offers an excellent shop, museum and cafe at Norchard.

There were comments about the friendly welcome that the visitors received in the Forest. Come back soon!!