Guide talks at Lydney Harbour.

Many older locals still refer to Lydney Harbour as Lydney Docks. The Harbour has little commercial shipping these days but it was once a busy port shipping out coal from the Forest of Dean and bringing in massive timber logs to be used to make plywood..
Bob Turner, one of our guides, features in this Facebook video about the docks:

A visitor inspecting the Severn Rail Bridge memorial at Lydney Harbour.
A visitor inspecting the Severn Rail Bridge memorial at Lydney Harbour.
A photo showing Lydney Harbour from the river Severn.
Lydney Harbour as seen from a vessel on the river Severn at high tide with the harbour gates closed..
A photo showing Lydney Harbour at low tide.
Lydney Harbour at low tide.

The Sculpture Trail in Spring 2021

Above: the impromptu piles of stones on the bare earth contrast with the new leaves of the distant trees.

A photo of A sculpture on the trail
Ya┼časin on the Sculpture Trail

The Guides carried out a training exercise in the Spring sunshine on the Forest of Dean Sculpture Trail. The delicate light passing through the recently unfurled new leaves was very welcome following a week of dull wet weather. The newest sculptures were visited while changes in the older sculptures were noted by the group.

A photo of Hill 33
Hill 33 on the Sculpture Trail

Spring is here.

Above Cuckooflowers near the river Lyd.

The arrival of Spring and the easing of COVID-19 restrictions has led to the first guided walk of 2021. Two visitors to the Forest were shown around the woodlands on a beautiful, sunny Spring day. The walk was partly to aid research into the area in preparation for book set in the Forest.

A photo of A secluded abandoned quarry
A secluded abandoned quarry
An isolated stream.
A photo of a Marsh Marigold
A Marsh Marigold in the Oakwood brook.