Walkers and dogs on New Year’s Eve 2018

Two Lakes and the Cyril Hart Arboretum.

More than 20 guests, several with their dogs, enjoyed a New Year’s Eve walk from the Speech House Hotel. The walk saw them visit Woorgreens and Speech House Lakes and the Cyril Hart Arboretum . The photo shows them on Spruce Ride near to Speech House Lake.

The arboretum recognises the contribution of Dr Cyril Hart to the Forest of Dean in the form of many published authoraive books and papers and his long service as one of H M Verderers. Dr Hart was present when H M The Queen planted a tree opposite the Speech House in April 1957. Interestingly, when the Duke and Duchess of Wessex planted new trees at the Speech House in 2014, they used the same spades that the Queen and Prince Phillip used exactly 57 years earlier. The spades are on display in the Speech House.

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Winter walk from Whitemead

Walkers from Whitemead took advantage of a lull in the rain to enjoy the soft winter sunlight in the Forest.

After a day of rain and wind following a few dull days, the welcome sunshine illuminated the woodland with a delicate, soft light. Plenty of boar activity was evident near Parkend.

The visitors enjoyed the contrast between the Forest of Dean and their native N. Yotkshire and commented on the common theme of coal mining in both areas. Their 3 year old grandchild walked the whole route.

A photo of Whitemead on a December day.
Whitemead on a December day.

Dog Roses and Foxgloves on display in the woods.

A photo of a wild rose near New Fancy
A wild rose near New Fancy

Mid June: The Bluebells have gone until next Spring. The Ferns are growing higher and will soon envelope large areas in the woods and roadsides. Near New Fancy there are currently good displays of wild roses, especially on the viewpoint ifself.

In a nearby area flattened by high winds just a couple of years ago swathes of foxgloves add a splash of mauve to the predominant green of the vegetation – or as the Forest Verderers would call it the “Vert”.

A photo of Foxgloves in the Forest
Foxgloves in the Forest