Chestnut trees in bloom

A photo of Flower of the Sweet Chesnut tree
Flower of the Sweet Chestnut tree (Castanea Sativa)

Walkers on the guided walk from Whitemead were able to appreciate the effect on the tree canopy of the chestnut trees in full flower.

Seen from a viewpoint, patches of a lighter shade of green are imparted by the flowering chestnut trees giving the distant canopy a subtle mottled effect at this time of year.

Later the guests were able to see some young trees at close quarters from the Family Cycle Trail.

Chestnut trees were reportedly introduced to Britain to provide the Roman army with porridge which could be made from the ground down nuts.

Summer Solstice in the Forest of Dean

Whitemead guests brave the heat on the Summer Solstice.

A photo of the Sundial at Ruardean Church
Above: the sundial at nearby Ruardean church, Gloucestershire with the latin inscription Lux Umbra Dei. The English inscription The Royal Path of Time is not a translation!

Fifteen Guests from Boundless (formerly C.S.M.A.) at Whitemead and a Terrier dog enjoyed a Woodland Walk from Parkend on the summer’s hottest day to date. The walk started just before 10am – that’s more than 5 hours after sunrise on the longest day of the year.

To counter the sun, there was plenty of shade provided by the trees lining the Forest tracks. The guests enjoyed seeing the wild roses that bloom on the New Fancy Viewpoint and hearing the croak of a lone Raven perched high in a tree.

Improvements are currently being made to the vehicle access to the Whitemead grounds.

Whitemead guests visit New Fancy Viewpoint

Whitemead guests enjoy the view from New Fancy.

A photo of Whitemead guests at New Fancy Viewpoint in May 2017
Whitemead guests at New Fancy Viewpoint in May 2017

A 7.5 Km walk failed to deter these young visitors to Whitemead. After inspecting the Geomap, the guests watched a pair of Swifts high above the viewpoint. A bird-watcher described the habits of the Swifts and told us how they spent much of their lives “on the wing”.

Bloggers visit the Forest of Dean

A group of bloggers in the Forest of Dean and Wye Valley sampling some of the activities on offer.

Mountain Biking

Some members of the group set off from PedalABikeAway to experience Mountain Biking in the Forest. First they explored the Family Cycle Trail. This was followed by an ascent of the Verderers Trail in Sallowvallets and a swift descent back to PedalABikeAway.

A photo of Bloggers at Forest of Dean Adventure
Bloggers at Forest of Dean Adventure

Forest Adventure

This challenge at Forest of Dean Adventure at Christchurch involved negotiating a high wire with the aid of a series of giant red balls – not as easy as it looks. Four challenges were provided here including a zip wire that could be ridden upside-down – which several bloggers tried.