Warm weather in September

Guests from Whitemead visit New Fancy.

A photo of A group of guests from Whitemead at the Geomap at New Fancy
A group of guests from Whitemead visit the Geomap at New Fancy

A group of 9 guests and Queenie the dog from Whitemead took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather to walk to New Fancy and back to Parkend. As can be seen in the foreground of the photo, the feral wild boar have also visited the Geomap at New Fancy.

The white line running down the Geomap represents the South Wales to Gloucester railway line which will be much busier for the next few weeks while work takes place in the Severn Rail Tunnel.  The tunnel is currently closed while work to electrify the London to South Wales line is carried out. It is due to be closed until October 21st.

The guests visited the New Fancy viewpoint to be greeted by hazy air which diminished the views a little. The views are also becoming more and more obscured by tree growth as time goes by.

The walkers continued back to Whitemead via the family cycle trail.

An article on New Fancy, written by Pete Ralph appears in the latest edition of the New Regard, the journal of the Forest of Dean Local History Society.

Peterstow WI take a woodland walk

A photo of Members of Peterstowe Women's Institute on a woodland walk
Members of Peterstowe Women’s Institute at The Window on a woodland walk

Fourteen members of Peterstow Women’s Institute travelled up to the Forest of Dean for a pre-tea afternoon walk. Our guide led them from the Speech House past the Royal Oaks and the Obelisk onto the Sculpture Trail. They stopped to admire The Window (Cathedral) a large stained glass exhibit that has been suspended from between two trees here since 1986. Several members asked about the Giant’s Chair (Place) and were disappointed to hear that it was burned during the winter. However they all enjoyed the visit to the secluded Woorgreens Lake and hearing how it came to be there and the strange story of the ornamental carp.

On returning to the Speech House everyone enjoyed a splendid cream tea.

A wet walk to Bream

Two men a woman and two dogs take a walk in the wet woodlands.

Two visitors, one from Cheltenham and one from South Wales together with their  two dogs set out on the weekly walk from Whitemead with our guide despite a very unfavourable weather forecast.

The woodlands that a few short weeks ago were awash with bluebells are now filling with tall Ferns but it was a new arrival at the Flourmill steam engine restoration works that grabbed the attention of the walkers.

A photo of The Churchward 2-8-0 loco which is now at The Flourmill for restoration
The Churchward 2-8-0 loco which is now at The Flourmill

In the yard was a Churchward design freight tank locomotive 2-8-OT wheel arrangement, used extensively in South Wales coal trains, but could be found over the whole rail system. They also came through Lydney occasionally. It is 100 years old.

As promised by the weatherman, the heavens duly opened ensuring that everyone, men, women and dogs had a thorough soaking on the return to Whitemead.