Beavers finally arrive in Forest of Dean

Forest of Dean residents have been impatiently waiting for the arrival of two beavers that were being reintroduced into the Forest of Dean.

Beavers have been extinct for centuries. They have been reintroduced so that their engineering skills would be put to good use to build dams to protect the village of Lydbrook from flooding. Beavers certainly rival the Brunels when it comes to engineering.

Secretary of State Michael Gove and local MP Mark Harper were present to greet the beavers who were herded into a gated enclosure around Greathough Brook. A beaver lodge had been built for the new arrivals.

There will be a walk around the enclosure during the Heritage Weekend on September 15 at 2pm. By then, the pair will probably have built their own, new lodge!

Eurasian beaver in Forest
Beavers reintroduced in Forest of Dean (photo: Alamy)