Bloggers visit the Forest of Dean

A group of bloggers in the Forest of Dean and Wye Valley sampling some of the activities on offer.

A photo of bloggers on MTB bikes in Sallowvallets

Mountain Biking

Some members of the group set off from PedalABikeAway to experience Mountain Biking in the Forest. First they explored the Family Cycle Trail. This was followed by an ascent of the Verderers Trail in Sallowvallets and a swift descent back to PedalABikeAway.

A photo of Bloggers at Forest of Dean Adventure
Bloggers at Forest of Dean Adventure

Forest Adventure

This challenge at Forest of Dean Adventure at Christchurch involved negotiating a high wire with the aid of a series of giant red balls – not as easy as it looks. Four challenges were provided here including a zip wire that could be ridden upside-down – which several bloggers tried.