Category: Reports of our Guided Walks

  • Walkers from Whitemead enjoy the fine February weather

    Walkers from Whitemead enjoy the fine February weather

    A group of 29 walkers chose the Churchill enclosure option for their guided walk. They enjoyed the unseasonal fine, warm weather and were rewarded by a great distant view of two Wild Boar in the Forest. Later they were able to see two Adders basking in the warm sunshine. After joining the bird watchers looking […]

  • Winter walk from Whitemead

    Winter walk from Whitemead

    Walkers from Whitemead took advantage of a lull in the rain to enjoy the soft winter sunlight in the Forest. After a day of rain and wind following a few dull days, the welcome sunshine illuminated the woodland with a delicate, soft light. Plenty of boar activity was evident near Parkend. The visitors enjoyed the […]

  • Dry spell in the Forest of Dean

    The prolonged dry spell and hot weather continues in the Forest but the walkers from Whitemead are un-deterred. The dogs on the weekly walk were very glad of the extra water carried for them by their thoughtful owners. In the hot weather remember to leave out water for wildlife in your garden.

  • Walkers see a new arrival at the Flourmill

    A family group of walkers from the Midlands enjoyed the weekly Whitemead walk in slightly damp – but not unpleasant weather. They saw a new arrival in the yard at the Flourmill engine repair works. The Hawthorn flowers are now past their best and are fading back ready to produce a new crop of bright […]

  • Wet walk in the Wye Valley

    We will probably all remember April 2018 as cold, wet and just generally miserable! It was on just such a day that we took out a group of bloggers who were staying at Hidden Valley Yurts, a glamping site at Llanishen, near Chepstow.  They were staying in the yurts for four days and taking part […]