CSMA Boundless Break — the calm before the storm

At least 50 energetic walkers on a Boundless Break at CSMA, Whitemead, in Parkend enjoyed a Forest walk just before the “Beast from the East” arctic vortex hit Gloucestershire with swirling winds and heavy snow.

The group was divided into two, doing the same walk from two different directions. The walk covered the RSPB protected area, Nagshead, Monument Mine — a coalmine operated by Freeminers –, a statue commemorating the tragic death of young James brothers in the 1902 Union Colliery flood, the historic Bixslade tramway, Cannop Ponds, and the old Severn and Wye railway line leading back to Parkend.

Although bad weather was anticipated, walkers enjoyed sunshine and only a slight breeze.

The walk put a smile on everyone’s face, before they faced the beast. Or is it Storm Emma? Or both?

Statue of the James Brothers