Enjoying hospitality at Abbey Mill in Tintern

Abbey Mill
Abbey Mill, Tintern

Exhausted after a sumptuous tea at Abbey Mill.
Not everyone is glued to the telly during the Olympics! A group from Wales joined a coach tour to view the delights of the Forest of Dean. Driven by Ben, one of Brent Thomas’fine drivers, and guided by a Forest of Dean & Wye Valley Tour Guide, the coach tour covered many of the Forest’s finest jewels, from Speech House to the Dean Heritage Museum, from the River Wye, to views of the River Severn. While most of us have been unhappy about the rainy summer, we saw the benefits. The lush vegetation gave the Forest a very rich texture. The big surprise was the lack of sheep running around dodging the traffic. Only one dared show his little face to our group. They must have been watching the equestrian events!We landed up in Tintern and enjoyed a splendid tea at Abbey Mill, our hosts. We waddled out, sated, to see the water wheel and the fine views of the Abbey.