Whitemead, Parkend – Madge a favourite mare and other animals.

A memorial to Madge a favourite mare.

The inscription on this stone which looks as though it was carved yesterday says: “Madge a favourite mare Died 20th March 1897 This is to her memory by P. & I. M. B. Let her remains rest undisturbed She was an honest and willing servant”.

Philip Baylis
Philip Baylis

The P. B. was Philip Baylis, Deputy Surveyor of the Forest of Dean from 1893 to 1906. The I.M. was Isabelle Marguerite Baylis. The Deputy Surveyor was a crown official that lived at Whitemead Park.

Philip Baylis left memorials to several of his beloved animals in the Whitemead grounds, notably Satan, Nellie Bly, Towser and Madge.

Towzer - a stone to his memory by Philip Baylis
Towzer – a stone to his memory by Philip Baylis
Monument to Satan
Monument to Satan the beloved dog of Philip Baylis