Peterstow WI take a woodland walk

A photo of Members of Peterstowe Women's Institute on a woodland walk
Members of Peterstowe Women’s Institute at The Window on a woodland walk

Fourteen members of Peterstow Women’s Institute travelled up to the Forest of Dean for a pre-tea afternoon walk. Our guide led them from the Speech House past the Royal Oaks and the Obelisk onto the Sculpture Trail. They stopped to admire The Window (Cathedral) a large stained glass exhibit that has been suspended from between two trees here since 1986. Several members asked about the Giant’s Chair (Place) and were disappointed to hear that it was burned during the winter. However they all enjoyed the visit to the secluded Woorgreens Lake and hearing how it came to be there and the strange story of the ornamental carp.

On returning to the Speech House everyone enjoyed a splendid cream tea.