Somerset District Miners’ Welfare trust at Tintern

The Somerset District Miners’ Welfare Trust, a charity that looks after retired miners from Somerset, enjoyed a coach tour offered by John Martin Coach Holidays, when they travelled from Bath to Tintern Abbey.

They were welcomed by Abbey Mill, where they enjoyed a welcome coffee break. They then waited for a short time while their resourceful driver changed a punctured tire! Their tour guide arrived just as the driver was finishing up!

The group then toured through the Forest of Dean and the Wye Valley, starting from the now famous wirework bridge at Tintern, driving along the river into Gloucestershire, through Redbrook, all the while admiring the canopy of overhanging colourful leaves. Autumn is a perfect time to see Forest of Dean in all its colourful glory, and they enjoyed it immensely. They also enjoyed views of the Wye Valley through Ruardean, Joys Green, Lydbrook, English Bicknor, through Coleford, and back over Bigsweir Bridge,

When they returned to Abbey Mill, a slap-up buffet lunch greeted them.

Somerset Miners Welfare Trust hosts members at Abbey Mill, Tintern